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Lenten Retreat: The Spirituality of Pilgrimage

Fr. David Genier, the Commissary of the Holy Land for the U.S. led NASPA Members on a virtual Lenten Retreat focusing on the Spirituality of Pilgrimage and concluded with reflections on several religious sites in the Holy Land on March 14th, 2024..

Lenten Retreat Spirituality of Pilgrimage
One of the goals of the pilgrimages is to go where God wants us to be. -Fr. David Grenier

Father shared with participants a little about the state of the Holy Land which has been empty of Pilgrims save for the locals and the Franciscans. Fr. David said that the brothers met with a group of 500 young people living in Bethlehem and the question they posed was, "Can you give us one good reason why we should stay?" If you would like to support Christians in the Holy Land and the Franciscan’s mission please consider donating to their Good Friday Collection: #NASPAnetworking.

The recording is available on our website for Members to watch Here

If you would like to become a NASPA member go to

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