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Make a Pilgrimage

Encounter the Sacred

"Pilgrimages can help a renewal in prayer. Shrines are special places for Christian prayer."

- The Catechism of the Catholic Church: 2691

Shrines help reorient us to God. They have rich and varied histories. Many are dedicated to particular saints who exemplify Christian living and intercede for those who ask. Shrines supplement the good work of your local parish, providing opportunities for faith enrichment and peaceful reflection. Each shrine has a unique character, special offerings, and specific schedules, so be sure to call ahead or visit the shrine's website before you visit. All visitors at every shrine are offered a place to encounter the sacred.

Visit one of our nation's beautiful shrines today! We can't wait to welcome you.

National Shrine of St.

What Do I Do at a Shrine?

All shrines offer opportunities for the sacrament of the Mass and for the sacrament of Reconciliation. Beyond this, check the shrine's website or call ahead for information on what you can do or experience during your visit.

Many shrines offer: Eucharistic Adoration, private prayer and devotions, guided tours, self-guided tours, and more. Some shrines also have public faith enrichment programming, veneration of relics, Novena prayers, gift shops, meeting space, food and hospitality options, and more. Be sure to do your research to find out what the shrine suggests for its visitors!

Our Lady of Consolation Shrine Ohio.jpg

What Should I Bring with Me?

Most importantly: bring an open heart. Shrines are perfect places to find quiet time needed to listen to God's voice.

You may also consider bringing a rosary, prayer book, journal, or bible. But if you don't have those things, that's okay, too. 

All shrines are free and open to the public. However, free-will donations are graciously accepted. Remember that your offering helps the shrine continue to minister to the people of God. Not sure how much to donate? Call ahead to the shrine you're visiting and ask.

St. Jude's International Shrine of St. J

Get Involved

God is relationship. If you experience joy and renewal in your shrine visit, consider getting involved! You may be able to volunteer to assist with visitors and pilgrims. Even if you don't live near your favorite shrine, you can spread the news about them, and the wonderful experiences you've had there.

What Is a Pilgrimage?

A pilgrimage is a dedicated journey or time set aside for spiritual growth or renewal. With deep roots in our faith history, pilgrimages today vary widely. Some pilgrimage for a few hours, and some for a few days. What's important is your sense of purpose: to reconnect, revitalize, and renew your faith.

National Shrine of Saint Rita of Cascia

Who Should Come?

Making a pilgrimage is open to all. Here are some ideas for who should come:

Prayer groups, rosary groups, faith-enrichment groups

RCIA Catechumens, Candidates, and alumni

School groups, especially those preparing for sacraments

Teachers' groups or parents' groups

Men's and Women's Faith Groups

Parish staff or volunteers

Multi-Parish groups or diocesan bus trips

or, come alone to make a personal, private pilgrimage.

St. John Paul 2 Shrine Divine Mercy.jpg

The History of Pilgrimages

Coming Soon: The History of Pilgrimages

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We have teamed up with The Modern Catholic Pilgrim to bring you valuable pilgrimage resources.


Visit their website for their schedule of upcoming pilgrimage opportunities

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