About Us

What does NASPA do?

The National Association of Shrine and Pilgrimage Apostolate (NASPA) is an association of more than 30 shrines from 17 states and the District of Columbia that have been designated as national Catholic shrines or that have been designated diocesan shrines. Formed in 1990  by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), the purpose of NASPA is:

  1. To restore the meaning of pilgrimage as a religious and spiritual experience of renewal, thus enhancing a sense of evangelization to to a pilgrim people.

  2. To cooperate with diocesan directors of pilgrimages and pilgrimage leaders that the pilgrimage experience will become a spiritual journey of faith.

  3. To inspire interest in pilgrimages to the shrines sacred to our Catholic heritage in this country and abroad.

  4. To be of service to shrine personnel and directors of pilgrimages in their ministry in a pilgrim people, and to enable collaboration of efforts to this end.

Our Officers
Fr. Dennis Circle.png


Fr. Dennis
Berry, S.T.

Shrine of Saint Joseph

Stirling, NJ


Fr. Matthew.png

Vice President

Fr. Matthew
Bartow, M.F.V.A

Shrine of the

Most Blessed Sacrament

Hanceville, AL


KPB Round Thumbnail.png


Mr. Ken

Saint John Paul II

National Shrine

Washington, DC


Bylaws and Directory

The NASPA bylaws govern the organization and are updated from time to time during the

annual meeting that is held at the annual convention at the beginning of November.

Do you work for a Catholic Shrine? Consider joining NASPA.