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To Jesus Through Mary

In the readings from the Fifth Sunday of Lent, the prophet Isaiah tells us that in the desert God makes a way and in the wasteland, rivers. In the desert of eternity and in the wasteland of our lives, Christ’s death and resurrection makes a way for each of us, by offering mercy and salvation. We will celebrate this in the coming weeks, but first Isaiah tells us God is doing something new, and perhaps that is happening this Lent. Do we perceive it?

The National Shrine of Saint Maximilian Kolbe-Marytown in Libertyville, IL, is dedicated to promoting the witness and life of St. Maximilian Kolbe, who was martyred in the Holocaust at the Auschwitz concentration camp. In 1941, he offered to take the place of a man condemned to die. Before his death, St. Maximilian Kolbe ministered to others who were dying there. In this way, he became a “way” and a “river” in a dark chapter of human history.

During his lifetime, St. Maximilian Kolbe founded the Militia Immaculatae (MI) movement. “Through the Immaculata to Jesus” was his lifelong motto. As Catholics, we are so blessed to recognize this theological truth and to receive graces from recitation of the Rosary and for some, even total consecration to Mary. As our Lenten sojourn continues, your friends at NASPA wish to encourage you to be a river in the deserts of life and to recite the Rosary this Lent and often, for God has provided us a way – to Jesus through Mary.

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