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Receive Holy Eucharist Often

In the readings from the Fourth Sunday of Lent, the manna has ceased and the Israelites are finally able to eat of the produce of the land. As spiritual babies, God’s people were given milk (manna in the desert). With maturity, God will feed his people with meat (Christ’s body and blood). In the Gospel reading, we see an immature man squandering his father’s provisions in far away places, only to return with maturity and choose the provisions that come with a life in communion with the father.

Today, we recognize the Lord’s Body and Blood (Holy Communion) as the source and summit of our faith! That’s one of the reasons, NASPA is working with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) to promote our nation’s shrines as an integral part of the Church’s evangelization efforts and, in particular, the Eucharistic Revival Launch on Corpus Christi, June 19, 2022. Bishop Cozzens is asking Catholic shrines to partake in this launch by hosting 40 hours of adoration and/or organizing a procession.

As our Lenten sojourn continues, your friends at NASPA want to encourage you to receive Holy Eucharist often and to spend some time in adoration at one of our nation’s Catholic shrines. They offer a truly beautiful and unique experience for those who wish to behold and praise our loving God, the Good Shepherd, who feeds His sheep.

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