National Association of
Shrine and Pilgrimage Apostolate

Virtual - All Invited
September 28-30


Are you part of a shrine in the United States? Join us!

“...Shrines…express an irreplaceable opportunity for evangelization in our time.”  

-Pope Francis

We are all pilgrims on a journey, in pursuit of a deeper relationship with God.  Across the United States, Catholic Shrines stand as beacons of faith. Within Shrine grounds we find examples of the overwhelming presence of God and the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Look to the exquisite artistry of faith-filled artisans, the awe-inspiring nature, the practice of sacraments as outward signs of inner faith, and the quiet respite in which we hear the still, small voice of God as it whispers in our hearts.

Making pilgrimage to a Shrine is an opportunity for you to reconnect, revitalize, and renew your faith. We welcome all pilgrims, whether you are firm in your beliefs or still wondering what Catholicism has to offer you. Come to learn more about the holy men and women who have walked before you. Come to learn more about the path you are called to walk.


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